Dreams of bacon

That’s right folks I’ve had not only one but two dreams about bacon. I’m on day five of a cold turkey switch to a full vegan diet and although I haven’t caught myself thinking about meat or dairy during the day my subconscious mind obviously misses the hell out of bacon! And it’s not as if I ate bacon daily or evenly weekly but man when I had it, it was delicious! I’m guessing the real reason I keep dreaming of bacon is due to the package of it still sitting in my fridge waiting to be devoured, I suppose it’s time to either give it away or have my friends over for a vegan dinner with a side of bacon.
So other than the dreams of bacon I’m having I’ve actually found this process to be a pretty smooth switch over. Of course I researched and stocked up before I started, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything yet and haven’t had any adverse affects from the huge change. If you’re wondering how big of a change this really is, I ate some form of animal protein at every meal up until Thursday…every meal! Granted it was lean meat but still what a difference. Because I cut so much protein out of my diet so drastically I actually got a little nervous how my body would react to a hard workout at the gym. So far I’ve worked out lightly but plan to do a full two hour cardio and weights followed by a vegan protein shake tomorrow. Fingers crossed it goes well because lord knows this body needs a little working out right now!



And so it begins, my three month trial…and no it’s not free HBO, however it may have some of the profanity and nudity (aka raw veggies) that HBO provides us but this three month trial is all about going vegan! Yesterday I went out with a bang enjoying buffalo chicken nachos and a Reuben sandwich for lunch with a nice pint of coffee ice cream for dinner, don’t judge me!
This morning I woke up ready to go, downing my lemon water with cayenne pepper. Here’s a helpful hint, stir that stuff up and drink it quick, if not the last two sips will be a mouthful of cayenne…no bueno! Next challenge, take the juicer out of the evil styrofoam that encases it! If I can fight styrofoam and win I can do anything! Juicer out, cleaned and ready to go! I’m not going to lie I was kind of nervous getting ready to juice for the first time. However, as I started I felt invigorated. Watching those veggies get pulverized amused me to no end, ahhh the little things in life! I was a juicing maniac, and after 5 romaine leaves, an inch of ginger root, 2 big broccoli stems, 4 handfuls of kale, 4 small cucumbers and a mango later I had 20 ounces of bright green juice. Although the juice was my favorite color, I wasn’t overly thrilled to drink something that smelled just like fresh cut grass but I sucked it up and to my surprise it wasn’t terrible. Of course I wasn’t about to replace all drinks with this concoction but it was palatable and pretty.





Up the ante

On Monday August 12, I had an appointment with my rheumatologist to go over medication options to reduce the inflammation in my right hand and foot. I was actually a little nervous to go to the appointment today, no not because he usually runs an hour behind, because I was prepared to tell him that I wanted to go medication free and try to help myself with diet, specifically a vegan diet.
We talked in detailed about medication, I wanted to know my options in case it ever comes to having to take them. He talked a lot about his personal concern with a woman in her child bearing years taking specific medications, namely the ones that i would be prescribed. Although I’m single and not ready to have a child tomorrow, it’s certainly something to think about especially with other possible side effects that I want no part of. This led me into telling him about my research and plan to try going vegan for one month and blogging/journaling about how I feel on a daily basis and if I truly feel as if this diet helps to reduce or eliminate my pain. Not only was he on board with my decision he was excited for it, sweet relief! As we finished our conversation he ended it with, ” I up the ante and challenge you to three months instead of one”…a challenge? I accept fine sir, I accept!



What is auto immune disease? What are the ways it can affect our bodies and lives? Are there cures, treatments, diets that can prevent those of use who suffer from it from ever having to go on heavy medications? Although these medications may work and surely seem to have helped Phil Mickelsons golf swing, what are they doing to our bodies and what side effects could they have on us? Is the risk of side effects such as hepatitis and lymphoma worth stopping arthritis from getting worse? These are all questions I asked myself when I got the diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis at 35 years old. I realize the chances of me getting another disease while trying to stop one from progressing is rare however it’s still possible, and any possibility is too much of a risk too me. So until I’ve exhausted all other alternatives first, my rheumatologist will be keeping his prescription pad deep in his pocket.


Tattooed in your mind

Have you ever met someone who, for whatever reason, you couldn’t get out of your head? Perhaps it was something they said, something you saw them do, or even the smile they had on their face…any way you look at it they got stuck! Let me be one of those people that gets tattooed in your mind but for all the right reasons. I want to relate to your struggles and to your accomplishments or agree to have a “smile-off” with you any day of the week. It’s time for me to put myself out there, with out you thinking “hey Jenn tmi”. Join me on my blog journey…it should be an interesting one! You’ve officially been tattooed!